I don’t know you, but I’m already in love.

Pre-plants, pre-us

Altruism in nature

Fungi, is it you that’s some god’s pure and mysterious love?

The Word made fleshy mushroom

What’s an individual for, after all

Interconnectedness is the name of the game

and it’s no coincidence (I think) that your psychedelic properties

make us feel precisely that,

A piece of a piece of a piece of a dust particle that’s part of a whole.

Where do we end and everything else begin?

Rumi says we’re not a drop in the ocean,

we’re the ocean in a single drop

Rumi, man, I’m loving

picturing you getting high on LSD

and writing poems with that one dude who was most definitely your lover,

you of all people should know

there’s no need to be shy about these things

Biologists and chemists and physicists of the future will say,

“Can you BELIEVE that scientists back then tried to do absolutely anything without getting high first? How did they even tie their shoes?”

What’s even the point of sitting around

thinking about what wet might feel like

when you’ve got that little tub right there.

Rabble-rouser. Praying atheist. US writer and translator in Mexico. Enthusiastic decorator and muralist. sdevrieswritingandtranslating.com

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